Guide to Selecting a Electrician


We have compiled a short guide of things to consider when deciding on a Electrician to work in your home, understandably price is a major factor but please take a minute to consider the following points which we expand on below.


  • Is the Electrician Part P registered
  • Can I check the Electrician is competent 
  • Is the Electrician Insured
  • Is the Electrician Qualified
  • Can the Electrician provide references from previous customers
  • Does the Electrician provide a contact address and landline number


Electrical work involving adding a new circuit, a new fuseboard, work in a bathroom or any special locations is defined as notifiable work, this requires the work to be registered to building control this work would also come with other essential paperwork, if you ever sell your home or claim on your household insurance this will be asked for, if you don't have this paperwork a mortgage provider would insist on a full Electrical Inspection Condition Report EICR, a household insurance policy could also be made null and void.


By employing a Electrician who is registered with one of the many Part P scheme providers you can rest assured they are able to provide you with the relevant documentation and register the works with building control, another important point with a Electrician registered on a Part P scheme is they are assessed annually to confirm they are suitably qualified, insured and there test equipment is calibrated, they will also have to arrange a site visit to show a suitable piece of work to show the standard of work.


Another very useful thing to do is check a Electrician on the competent person website, this has a list of all Electricians who are registered on a Part P competent person scheme, the website is

I hope you agree after considering all these points that possibly paying a little more is money well spent in the long run.


Every Electrical Installation by a competent Electrician  is done in such a way that in the event of a fault, the circuit disconnects before damage is done to person or property, this is achieved by correct installation and Electrical Testing of the circuit at the end of the job.


Please note Just because a circuit works does not mean it's safe

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