Recent Garage Electrics Job

We were recently contacted by a lovely couple in Lancing to add lighting and power in to there garage for them, we have done several of these sort of projects recently and thought it would be useful to others to give a bit of information on the project.


Adding power to a garage or shed etc can be quite a simple process, the first thing to determine is what you plan to use the power for most times it is just for the following:


  • Light within the Garage
  • Security light on the outside
  • Socket within the garage for power tool chargers etc
  • External Socket for Lawnmower


In this example we would simply bring a 13 Amp supply in to the garage using a existing circuit from within the home, this is a very cost effective way of bringing power in to the garage and has very limited disruption within your home.

If you were needing a larger supply than 13 Amp for the garage then it would be a case of running in a completely new circuit directly from the fuse board we can talk you through your options upon a free site visit and provide you with a estimate for the works.



We have added a few pictures above to show an example of this install, we picked up the supply from within the house via a nearby socket drilled through to the outside and installed a high IP rating connection box, made a chase in to the path and installed SWA cable under the path and in to the garage and made good on the chase, this is all visible in the first picture.


Once the supply was in the garage we installed metal clad sockets and switches which is more suitable for the location than the standard white plastic types, all cabling within the garage was in Hi Tuff which again is more suitable than standard twin and earth cabling.

Both lights in the garage are LED batten holders they are a integrated fitting and have no lamps to replace, they are very low running cost and are very robust.


We have a page on our website designated for these types of jobs please click on this link to view


We hope the info has been useful for you and please contact us if you would like more information for any project you are considering for a shed or garage etc.