Fluorescent Lamps Banned in the UK
21. September 2023
Fluorescent Lamps Banned in the UK, all the information for replacing them with LED equivalent Lighting.

Bathroom Extractor Fans
08. April 2022
The differences between bathroom extractor fans and the safety issues you should be aware of when selecting the right one for your home.

Halogen Lamps Banned in UK
11. June 2021
We have wrote this short Blog to explain the changes this will have on your home lighting including the options you will then have to future proof this.

Recent Garage Electrics Job
16. February 2021
A recent installation for one of our local customers in lancing, new installation of lighting and power in to a garage.

17. October 2020
What does a Electrician earn? And what are the expenses in working for yourself?

19. July 2020
There have been some changes this year for private sector rentals regarding there Electrical safety checks. In this blog we have given some more info to hopefully clarify the changes.