Garage or Shed Electrics

Adding power to Garages, Sheds or outbuildings can be a very useful and relatively inexpensive.

We can provide a simple installation such as just putting a light in a shed or a outside socket for your lawnmower right through to a complete conversion of an outbuilding for a workshop.


For most domestic installations you dont need high power usage in these buildings, it's more a case of having the flexibility of lighting and power in the garden for summer evening or being outside after dark, in these instances it is normally only requires a Electrician to connect up to the power from an existing circuit in your home and running a cable out to the garage or shed etc.


If you required a higher amount of power for a workshop for instance with machinery etc then this would require it's own independent supply.


Please contact us for a free site visit where you can explain exactly what you need the power for and we will spec the installation for your individual needs and provide a written estimate.


We are based in Lancing and do the majority of our Electrical work locally in areas such as Shoreham, Worthing, Upper Beeding and Steyning to name a few, we do cover the whole of West Sussex though so if you require a Electrician please feel free to contact us for a no obligation quote. 


Garage Power

  • Lighting
  • Sockets
  • Electric Garage Door
  • External Socket
  • Security Lights

Shed Power

  • Lighting 
  • Sockets
  • Lawn mower Socket
  • Garden Pond power
  • Security Lights

Outbuilding Power

  • Workshop
  • Home Gym
  • Summer House 
  • Garden office
  • Garden Lighting