Guide to Electrical Testing 


Electrical Testing can be a confusing subject so we have compiled a short article to help explain it a bit, basically Electrical Test & Inspection is like giving your home Electrics a M.O.T


Electrical Test and Inspection is known by many different names, EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report), PIR (Periodic Inspection Report), Landlord Safety Certificate or Landlord Electrical Safety Certificate, these are all the same thing and require the same type of Electrical Test & Inspection and recorded on the same document a EICR.


A EICR maybe requested by mortgage providers, insurance companies, letting agents and property sales, this will need to be a current report and be presented as part of the sales pack.


These reports like a car's M.O.T need to be done at frequent intervals, the recommended date between inspections for most domestic properties is 10 years, other types of properties have different recommended dates, Landlords Electrical Safety Certificates in particular are required to be done more frequently.


The report is a minimum of 10 pages and requires the installation to be inspected and tested at accessible points, the report will list any non conformity with the current wiring regulation(Bs7671) and will also list any recomendations, we have listed the Electrical Tests that are conducted below these are done on each circuit and some tests are done on the the supply cable.

As you will see there is a huge amount of work that goes in to performing a Electrical Inspection and hope this has helped to justify the relatively high cost of conducting one properly and make you question any company who claim to do them in a short period of time at a reduced cost.


List of Electrical Tests:

  • Continuity of Bonding 
  • Continuity of Circuit protective conductors
  • Insulation Resistance
  • Polarity within the circuits 
  • Earth fault loop impendance
  • Prospective fault current
  • RCD Test
  • Polarity of supply cable
  • Phase Sequence(where applicable)
  • Function Testing



Please note Just because a circuit works does not mean it's safe, by having a current Electrical Inspection completed will prove it is safe.


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