Landlords Electrical safety check changes

Changes to private landlords Electrical safety checks


There has been some changes this year to Electrical Safety Checks for private landlords, these were introduced in June 2020, it has always been a bit of a grey area amongst letting agents, landlords and Electricians and the government changes has made it clear now as to what is needed.


The new rules have different timescales as to when these changes are to be enforced, if you have existing tenants then you have until 1st April 2021 to get the Certificate, if you have a vacant property then this is needed before the new tenants move in.


Please consider with your timescale that a Electrical safety check is to your property what a MOT is to your car and the inspection being performed may identify issues which need resolving before a satisfactory result is obtained, therefore factor in time for any remedial work to be completed before your new tenants can move in


The electrical safety certificate document can be known by many different name such as Landlord electrical safety certificate, Electrical inspection condition report, periodic inspection report, EICR or PIR.

The document is at least 6 pages long and breaks down the whole Electrical system detailing any issues found.


We have complied a article explaining the full process of performing a Electrical safety inspection please click the link below to view it: